Triple Ginger Snaps



It’s really starting to feel like Fall in Northern California. The temperature has remained in the seventies these past few weeks, the breeze has picked up, and the tips of the leaves are beginning to change color.

I know our society has a thing about marketing seasonal items a wee bit ahead of time, but when it comes to Fall, there are no complaints from me. Bring on the pumpkin, apples, and cinnamon everything. I wait all year for this.

And so, why not post a triple ginger cookie at the end of August? I mean, technically I think of ginger during the winter but in true American form, I’m early. 😉 These cookies are delicious. They are full of ginger: fresh, ground, and crystalized. And there’s even molasses and cinnamon, for an extra bite. And yet with all these spices and warm flavors, it’s not too much.

The edges are crisp, yet they still have a chew, so they’re not rock hard and dry like the store bought variety. I personally am a loyal soft cookie fan, and I’ve noted an optional alternative bake time if you prefer your cookies softer.

These are great on their own or you can do what my Mom does, and smear cream cheese on them. She says that the spices seem to call out for cream cheese, as carrot cake cookies would. For other ginger heavy recipes check these out: Gingerbread Cookie Bars with Cream Cheese FrostingChewy Ginger Molasses Cookies, and Spicy Ginger Molasses Bars.

Triple Ginger Snaps snippet

Update: ABeeBakes Triple Ginger Snaps Make the News!


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