Mango Lemon Bars


Ever since the Lime Bars and Tarte au Citron earlier this year, I’ve been on a citrus dessert kick. I guess it was only a matter of time before the citrus world joined forces with the tropical fruit world here in my kitchen.

And so the mango lemon bars were born. And then sprinkled with coconut flakes for finish. Honestly, it took more than a few tries with this recipe. The first few attempts, the mango flavor wasn’t bold enough. Once addressing that, then the mango/lemon curd was also not holding well enough. And then when everything was good to go, it just lacked…something. And that something was coconut. Toasted coconut would be even better.

So next time you’re in the mood for lemon bars with a tropical twist, try these. They’re sweet and tart, rich and light at the same time. And the mix of mango, lemon, and coconut are just delicious.

Mango Lemon Bars snippet

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