Almond Fig & Apple Cake

This week has started (Fig Tart) and ended with the beloved fig. A week seems just about right, since it feels like the duration of fig season, sadly.

As the Fig season ends, the apple season begins. So I’ve joined the two. I’ve been making this cake for years now, constantly changing the fruit on top to accommodate the season’s bounty. My favorite combination is the fig and apple. This can easily be adapted to just fig or just apple (simply double the quantity called for) or you can try other fruit like sliced pear or persimmon.

This recipe, aside from being delicious, is incredibly easy to make. It’s great for a beginner-baker. No electric mixer is required, just a whisk will do.

It’s the perfect cake to serve with afternoon tea, as it’s rustic and not too sweet. It’s brought to life by the small amount of sugar, hint of honey, and ripe fruit baked within it’s almond batter.

Almond Fig & Apple Cake snippet


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