Mango Ginger Crisp


I love this mango ginger crisp. The ginger is optional, especially if you’re not a ginger lover but I love the warmth it gives to the mango. I had two enormous bags of frozen mangos taking up the entirety of my freezer so I got to work! Because mangos are still in season, I thought it was about time I use up the frozen for baking and enjoy the fresh for snacking and adding to salads.

As with any crisp, the amount of topping is optional. You can add other fruit to the filling and you can serve it with whatever you want (my go-to is vanilla ice cream). The first time I made this particular one, I accidentally doubled the butter so it turns into a very buttery puddle with a few floating oats. It still tasted great but it lost the hearty texture of the topping. I also downplayed the amount of oats used here because my husband usually doesn’t enjoy the oat-heavy bakes. And if my husband is leaving dessert around, then that’s very dangerous for me. :-p

If you can trust yourself here, I encourage you to play with the crisp ingredients until a desired ratio or flour/oat/butter is reached. If you love ginger, I’d encourage you to use fresh too! Oh, and you’ll love the Triple Ginger Snaps and Apple Ginger Crumble.

For other mango recipes check out: Mango Panna Cotta, Mango Tart with Vanilla Bean Pastry Creamand Mango Lemon Bars.

Mango Ginger Crisp snippet


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