Gayle’s One Hour Dinner Rolls


I was the pickiest eater as a kid. I’m not sure if this was because I was the youngest, making it easy to get away with, or if I actually didn’t like any food group outside of carbs.

My parents quickly realized that in my perfect world I’d eat toast or cereal for every meal. Fortunately, they ensured I ate healthy meals every day, despite my requests otherwise. Holidays were the exception. I could choose anything I wanted, and if I wanted to for-go the vegetables, then so be it. And so, when Thanksgiving rolled around, while my siblings had plates piled high with various Autumn colors, my plate celebrated one item and one item only: the classic homemade dinner roll. 

Gayle’s rolls have been a family favorite since long before I was born. Gayle was my Mom’s neighbor growing up, and she shared her family recipe with my Mom way back when. These rolls make an appearance every Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter feast, and a rare appearance on special occasions.

The recipe is straight forward and I remember always being recruited as assistant roll-maker to one of my older sisters. She would make the dough, and I would help her roll them into balls to be baked. I was more than eager to assist, as I knew this was the star of the show. I took great pride in ensuring they were perfect. And knew it was only a matter of time before I would be seated at dinner, with my warm roll in hand, complete with a pat of soft butter.

When the rolls finished baking, I was in charge of choosing a kitchen towel from our drawer full of them, to blanket over the bowl, to ensure they stayed warm during dinner.

I, kinda self-elected, have become the roll baking Queen of the family. Perhaps you can wear this crown in your family as well.

Gayle's One Hour DInner Rolls snippet


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