Cinnamon Donut Bread

I mean, must I really write anything here? Does the title not say everything already?

This is one of those recipes, that when made, must be taken away immediately. This came out of the oven before lunch, and was gone before….lunch. Whoopsies.

Sometimes bakes do not make it out of the house. Perhaps the word often is better here. And these tend to be the bakes that are laced with cinnamon. And apparently, they too are the ones that come with a nice butter soak as a final step to the recipe.

This loaf is incredibly moist and almost airy, sort of like a donut. I think this is due to the oil in the recipe and the buttermilk. It has an extremely delicate crumb, that slices beautifully. It basically melts in your mouth with each bite. It’s buttery, sweet, and cinnamon-y. You can find yourself a half-loaf in without realizing. Consider yourself warned. With that, it’s wonderful as a brunch item or a tea time or breakfast cake.

Cinnamon Donut Bread snippet 1Cinnamon Donut Bread snippet 2

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