Tarte au Citron


This citrus tart recipe has been a long-time coming.

I have refused lemon desserts, aside from sorbets and candy, for my entire life. Sorry to offend, but something about citrus mixed with pastry just does not jive well with me.

Until last weekend at a family lunch.

My aunt-in-law, made an amazing tarte au citron. It was such a nice Spring day and the tart looked remarkable. So I tried it. And then shocked myself by enjoying it. Immensely.

While it’s not the gorgeous, eye-popping yellow, tarte au citron that I’m used to seeing, it’s simply perfect as is. It’s not too sweet. Not too tart. It’s simple to make, especially if buying a pre-made tart dough *cough* and I literally could eat bowls full of the lemon curd. Prior to posting this recipe, I remade this tart and compared it to others, often calling for the addition of egg yolks, both for depth of flavor and for that traditional bright yellow color. While they are appealing to the eye, they just did not compare to this winning version.

Tarte au Citron snippet




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