Lemon Meringue Tart


The only thing missing here is a blow torch to give the shiny meringue a nice golden hue. Alas, if you have one, please use it for this tart.

I believe my Mom’s word when eating this was, “This is–BY FAR–the best lemon meringue tart–and even lemon tart–I have ever eaten.”

*insert proud emoji*

This tart is composed of three elements:

  1. Pastry Crust
  2. Tarte au Citron lemon curd
  3. Meringue

If you can get beyond the fact that you’ll be combining three separate things, it’s actually wildly easy. I’ve taken three of my easiest recipes and combined them to make what could be a very technical dessert, into a very easy one. The only baking you’ll have to do is the pastry crust which bakes in 15 minutes. And your result is a delicious, sophisticated tart. One in which can be modern with minimal meringue or adorably cute with maximum *see notes under recipe below*.

The crust is buttery and soggy bottom-free. (In other words, it remains crisp and shields against any moisture from the curd).

The curd is so smooth and perfectly lemon-y. Aka: neither too tart nor too sweet. It’s beautiful.

And finally, the meringue. Soft, smooth, and perfectly sweet. It’s soft when applied so you can design the meringue in the way that you want and then firm enough to provide contrast with the curd when ready to serve.

Enjoy! And as always, let me know if you have any questions.

lemon meringue tart snippet 1lemon meringue tart snippet 2

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Recently I took a poll, asking my followers to choose their visual preference for the meringue decoration. The question was minimum or maximum meringue on the tart. The results were primarily for mimimum meringue:



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