Lime Bars

In attempts to ensure ABeeBakes remains honest, I must admit, I’m really not a big fan of lime. I love the idea of it. Refreshing, green, healthy! Powerful words that ultimately inspired me to try to love it. While it’s not my first choice, and I still prefer lemon to lime, for example in this Tarte au Citron, I did find myself polishing off the last lime bar from this batch. And licking my fingers. And wishing there were more. Turns out, lime bars will never go to waste. The lime lovers in my household loved these. If you’re into lime, these are definitely for you. It’s packed with lime flavor, almost tastes like a cocktail (maybe consider adding a splash of gin to the filling to really achieve that) and is generous on the filling.

I always find that lemon bars, or lime bars in this case, have too much pastry crust and not enough filling. So much so that I literally always scrape the filling off the shortcrust and eat only that. In attempts to achieve my perfect crust to filling ratio, I reduced the crust by 1/3! I then doubled the filling. This gives a perfect ratio of 1:3, crust to filling. No wasted pastry crust and no lack of filling. I reduced the sugar (quite substantially) too. It’s really a shame to eat a citrus dessert that’s entirely masked by sugar.

So again, if you like citrus, and you like curd fillings, and you don’t like overly sweet desserts, try these. And if you, like me, prefer your lime squeezed into guacamole, you may find yourself making an exception for lime squeezed into these bars as well. Just try.

Lime Bars snippet

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