Bread Pudding



When Chef Maeve came to my apartment to teach me to bake the perfect cupcakes (you can read more about that Part I (of 2): Chef Maeve and Part 2: Chef Maeve) I also inquired about the secret to perfect bread pudding.

Her answer: stale bread and an overnight soak in custard before baking.

So, I chopped up the remainder of my White Bread (No-Knead) and let it soak in it’s custard filling before baking. I’ve seriously never made such an easy thing! All you do is mix together the custard with a fork or whisk and pour it over chopped bread. Done. And it is SO good. The options are endless when incorporating vanilla, booze, zest, chopped nuts, or fruits. It’s not too sweet and you can take the level of sweetness up (if needed) with a little sprinkling of powered sugar. Enjoy!

Bread Pudding snippet



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