Norwegian Chocolate Chip Cookies


The name of this recipe is what intrigued me to make it! I’m always curious to see how each country puts their personal touch on popular recipes from around the world. From holiday breads and pancakes to these chocolate chip cookies. Unfortunately though, in further research, it appears as though Norway may just be tagged on here to elicit feelings of coziness and warmth, so often found in Scandinavian countries. If there are any Norwegians here, have you heard of these? Or maybe they’re just the same shape as a brune pinner (thin Norwegian cookie)?

Don’t let their appearance fool you into thinking that they’re dry and crisp (like a biscotti cookie). While their shape and size is reminiscent of a biscotti, they are actually quite soft! My husband, who will eat anything (except he’s not into black olives and passes on ice cream *gasp, i know*), is extremely particular about texture. He doesn’t like crisp, dry, crunchy, toasted, darkened anything. So when he saw their shape he imagined they were crunchy. He was very wrong. And this was my advantage. 😉

After eating half the batch, I let him in on a secret: these are in fact very soft, just like a classic chocolate chip cookie. Next time I looked, they were gone. Aside from the shape, what separates them most from a classic chocolate chip cookie, is the cinnamon and sugar! Think of them as a snickerdoodle chocolate chip cookie hybrid. In other words, my two favorite cookies joined in one. The mini chocolate chips also give you a slightly different chocolate to cookie dough ratio.

All in all, they’re quite different than an American chocolate chip cookie. They are also quite worth making this holiday season. Enjoy!

Norwegian Chocolate Chip Cookies snippet



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