Salted Brown Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies


Is life back to normal after the holidays for you? The only thing that feels back to normal for me is my baking. I have a ton of content — I always get so inspired when I come home from France. Do you fellow bakers get inspired from travel also?

One of the Christmas gifts I got from my husband this year was Half Baked Harvest’s new cookbook, Super Simple. I literally flip through it every single day, knowing full well what recipes I’ll find. I just love it.

As soon as we got home, I consulted the book to find something I could make with the ingredients I had on hand. Of course it was dessert…and of course it was this recipe for brown butter chocolate chip cookies. Brown butter chocolate chip cookies complete with flaked sea salt on top. Do you really need more convincing than that?

If you want to up your chocolate chip cookies, brown butter and sea salt are the way to do it. So is the combination of semi-sweet and dark chocolate.

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Salted Brown Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies snippet



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