Cinnamon Sugar Knots


The combination of cinnamon and sugar has been my very favorite since the beginning of time…or at least the beginning of my time.

I literally cannot say no when these two are paired together. My two favorite snacks as a kid were cinnamon-sugar toast and cinnamon-sugar rice. I surprised a few Mom’s with the latter when I’d go to my friend’s house as a little kid and ask for cinnamon-sugar rice when snack options were being discussed. Apparently it’s not that common. Have you had it? Maybe I should add my little recipe here: rice, butter, cinnamon & sugar. It’s a game changer, trust me.

When I came home from pre-school, and was allowed to have something sweet, my grandma would make cinnamon-sugar rice or Tapioca Pudding (Large Pearl) for me. And we always had a game: I would have to spell the word “cinnamon” before I was allowed to eat. To this day, I can still spell “c-i-n-n-a-m-o-n” faster than anyone around. 😉 After passing the test, I’d run to my grandma’s kitchen “cubbie” (very much like Harry Potter’s cupboard under the stairs), to retrieve the cinnamon, She had this enormous retro cinnamon tin from the 50’s. I wonder now if she kept that large tin because I went through so much of it with my snack requests.

As I became a teenager, my love for cinnamon and sugar sort of blossomed into a love for all things snickerdoodle. Snickerdoodle Cookie BarsChai Snickerdoodle CookiesSnickerdoodle Apple Cobbler just to name a few. And then later, when I met my French husband, I made a ton of cinnamon buns and Monkey Bread because he loves cinnamon sticky breads.

And so, naturally, my path has lead to these cinnamon-sugar knots. Carbs and cinnamon sugar? Yes, please. Aside from the tying them into their recognizable knots, they are actually really quick. They require no rising time, no resting time, and bake within 10 minutes. Boom! For a visual, watch the original author’s demonstration video for forming your knots.

You’ll seriously love these. Warm and yeast-y with the buttery cinnamon-sugar. They’re hard to beat.

Cinnamon Sugar Knots snippet



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