Salted White Chocolate Lavender Cookies


I’m a skeptic when it comes to ingredients that are more commonly associated with perfumes. I’m looking at your lavender. And you too, rose and rosemary. I went in to these cookies with an open mind, even if not fully confident.

As it turns out, I liked them. I didn’t love them because guess quite frankly, I’m not even a fan of the odor. But if you like lavender, you’ll really love these. The lavender is subtle so it doesn’t overpower the cookie. Although, it’s still present so you have to like that flavor. I imagine it’s pretty similar to a lavender ice cream. Muted but present. The white chocolate brings a nice sweetness that marries well with the herbal/floral component of the lavender. And you have full control of sprinkling the top with extra lavender (or not). The aspect that I loved most here was the addition of sea salt on the top of each cookie.

The salt, lavender, and white chocolate are really a delicious combination. And it helps that the cookie base is an exceptionally chewy sugar cookie. If none of this is sounding good to you, omit the lavender and add some citrus zest in it’s place.

Salted White Chocolate Lavendar Cookies snippet



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