Lime Coconut Sugar Cookies

I really liked the idea of lime and coconut together and when I saw icing on top of this cookie, I knew it’s potential for greatness. I just didn’t realize how great. These are phenomenal.

The dough is really straight forward and creates a nice soft sugar cookie. I really like the combination of brown sugar and sugar so I used both. In the actual cookie, the coconut flavor comes from the coconut oil and the lime comes from the zest. The icing then uses lime juice and zest to really drive that flavor forward. If you want a stronger coconut flavor, you can sprinkle some flaked coconut on top while the icing is still wet and hasn’t set yet.

These truly will be a hit. They’re perfect for summer with those tropical, warm-weather flavors. Enjoy!

Lime Coconut Sugar Cookies snippet 1Lime Coconut Sugar Cookies snippet 2

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