Baked Feta & Olives


If you’re looking for easy, delicious, impressive, and Greek, well, here you go!

This baked feta with olives is the perfect summer recipe and one that I plan on serving all season long. It can be an appetizer, a light date night dinner, a side etc. You can spread it on fresh baguette, crackers, pita bread, etc. You can make it classy by serving it with cocktails or you can make it casual by passing it around the table family-style. However you decide to serve it, you’ll love it.

The soft feta, almost reminiscent of goat cheese, is creamy and tangy. The addition of honey sweetens it (just a touch). The mix of olives offer a nice briny, salty, bitter component. And finally, the fresh sprigs of thyme harmonize all the other flavors with its gentle herbal (almost citrus/earthy) nature. This dish is really just a celebration of simple ingredients that blend together to create an exceptional combination of flavors and that work to bring out the the best in each other. A perfect marriage, if you will. You just place those ingredients in a baking dish and 30 minutes later, it’s ready to eat!

Baked Feta & Olives snippet

And once winter comes, you can swap for this recipe: Brie en Croûte.




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