French Onion Tart

2019 brought with it a concerted effort to branch out from the sweets into the land of Savory. I’m taking baby steps, staying in the realm that I’m comfortable with: baking. I have thoroughly enjoyed cooking/baking things that can then be eaten for dinner, rather than constantly baking desserts that end up actually spoiling or even becoming my dinner. This recipe is perfect as an appetizer or side dish and can even be eaten as a lunch or dinner with a side salad. And don’t worry if you don’t have a rectangular tart pan, or any tart pan for that matter. You can simply roll out the puff pastry onto a cookie sheet and bake it like you would a flatbread. (More on this in the actual recipe below.)

This French onion tart, like most tarts, is incredibly easy to put together. The puff pastry acts as the crust, so there is no dough preparation needed. The onions get baked (rather than sauteed and then baked), so there’s no pre-cooking needed. So really, the only work you have to do for this tart is to assemble it and let it bake.

The bottom layer is flaky puff pastry, followed by a sprinkling of fresh herbs and cheese (that melts into wonderful stringy cheese when baked), and topped with sweet onions that roast until caramelized. My husband, and France, has taught me time and time again that sometimes it’s best to keep things simple to really let those ingredients shine. And let’s face it, the French know food.

French Onion Tart snippet


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  1. I love that sentence about branching out from something that either spoils or is your dinner. Hahaha, good one. AND that picture is gorgeous. Maybe your best.

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