Salted Pistachio Honey Cookies


They may not look like much, but don’t let looks deceive you with these.

They’re soft, just like I love. They’re salty and sweet. And their flavor combination is surprisingly sophisticated. You can really taste the honey, which amazed me. And honey, goes SO well with salt.

All in all, they’re really a nice change to the normal cookie options that exist. They’re sweet but again, the salt helps balance that. And if you really trying to downplay the sweetness without sacrificing the honey, then try swapping the white chocolate chips for semi-sweet or dark chips.

Let me know what you guys think. 🙂 And if you like what you see take a look at these recipes too: Pistachio White Chocolate Cookies and Pistachio Chocolate Chip Biscotti.

Salted Pistachio Honey Cookies snippet

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