Being the youngest, I’ve always had siblings to visit in other cities and states. I have so many memories of driving from the bay area down to San Diego to visit one of my sisters. The drive is about 7 hours, but it felt like a lifetime as a kid. We stopped frequently along the way. And one such stop has always stayed with me. Just after Gilroy, we always drove through Pacheco Pass to make a pit stop. What began as a stop for gas and to use the bathroom, has over the years, turned into a mandatory stop for fudge.

My earliest memory of fudge came from Casa de Fruta, the little market and gas station along our route. I’ve always loved chocolate, so getting to enjoy it’s relative, fudge was heavenly.

This recipe most replicates my favorite version of fudge: marshmallowy, chewy, moist and so sweet. It may be too sweet for some, as fudge can sometimes be. My Mom has memories of an entirely different style of fudge growing up. She’ll have to dig up the recipe for me to try and report back soon.

Until then, if marshmallow-y fudge is the kind you’ve grown up on, then you’ll LOVE this recipe. It’s easy, and has the option to add nuts if that’s what you enjoy. It does have a few ingredients you may not have on hand: corn syrup (*cringe*), marshmallow fluff (it’s the main textural component here), and evaporated milk. So add those to your lists if you are dying to try an easy, no-bake, fudge recipe of your own this weekend.

Fudge snippet

Note: Recipe makes a lot more than pictured; I just photographed a few. Cut into desired bite-sized pieces.


  1. This looks great, Abby. Like Sukie, I have wonderful memories of Gram’s fudge. I hope she finds the recipe soon. Think of the pleasure of doing a taste test.

    Love you, Rill


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