Honey Lavender Tea Cupcakes

I’ve partnered with Simplicity Teas, a woman-owned artisan tea company, that values great tasting tea for health and wellness. If you love tea, you’ll LOVE Simplicity Teas (@SimplicityTeas), neither for their adorable packaging, nor for the incredible health benefits, but for the taste. You know you’ve had good tea when you’ve tried theirs. And they do events for baby showers, weddings, birthdays, etc. My personal favorite is the Lavender Lady, which I’ve used here today.

These cupcakes are phenomenal. Soft, buttery, and perfectly sweet. And the best part? The lavender is not at all overpowering or artificial. It’s subtle, natural, and so freakin’ good, I can hardly stand it! I want to make ice cream, scones, wafer cream cookies, crispy crackers, and tea cakes now. I’ll report back with the results.

In the meantime, enjoy these delicate, perfectly Spring cupcakes. You’ll love them.

honey lavender tea cupcakes snippet 1honey lavender tea cupcakes snippet 2

1 Comment

  1. These look so lovely and sound so elegant, that I would enjoy them even though they are not chocolate with white frosting. ‚̧


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