Tarte aux Poires (French Pear Tart)

I’ve been saving this recipe for my future cookbook. But then I realized you know what? My whole mission with this blog is to share the best recipes that I know. And this is the best recipe. This is my husband’s favorite dessert on the planet. And one that’s been passed down from his French grandparents to his Mom and sister, and on to me. The first few years after he moved to America, I routinely baked this pear tart to give him some comfort of home in times of nostalgia.

I posted an apple version last Fall Tarte aux Pommes (French Apple Tart) that is insanely delicious. The pear though is slightly more unique and the freshness from the pears is something that you can’t compete with.

This recipe is also the first I ever created without measuring ingredients. I was able to commit it to memory by following the principles of three. 3 pear, 3 eggs, 3 spoons of this and that, etc. So next time you’re in a pinch, and want a dessert that will taste like France, this is your best bet.

It’s best eaten when cooled and set. There have been many times we couldn’t wait and it’s just not the same when it’s warm. It doesn’t slice as well and the pear is so strong is overpowers the other deliciate flavors. However, if you can wait for it to cool, it’s the best tart in the world.

A few notes:

*any pear will work.

*creme fraiche can be replaced with sour cream

*puff pastry is used in the photo above but I typically make it using my easy all-purpose pastry crust. The recipe is here: All-Purpose Pastry Crust

*store at room temperature. refrigeration makes it soggy.

Tarte aux Poires snippet



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