Grain-Free Dog Treats

My sous chef, and constant companion, is my almost 2-year-old golden retriever, Jesse. Like most goldens, he’s most happy when people and food are nearby.  Because of this, he’s become an important presence in the A Bee Bakes kitchen. There are endless bowls to lick, pieces of fresh fruit dropped, and flour that sprinkles the floor. So while he’s dependable and repaid in scraps here and there, I thought it was high time he get a bake just for him. I let him know it was his Christmas bonus for a great year of dishes. (Don’t worry, I always adjust the dishwasher to the sanitize setting, haha).

And so, I got to work researching recipes for dog treats. The cutest treats were full of flour. And that seemed odd since Jesse’s vet told me that I should concentrate on giving him fresh fruit, vegetable, and meat scraps from the human realm, and to steer clear of sharing too many starchy carbs and grains, which aren’t great for dogs. So when I kept seeing flour in the ingredient lists, I decided to go on a grain-free tangent. And ultimately, I found a recipe that was very wholesome for our K9 companions.

Jesse’s ears perked up when the peanut butter jar came out. It’s as if he knew this was a bake entirely for him, as I was setting out the ingredients. All of which, can be consumed by humans too. However, I’m sure you’ll be a little put off when you hear that pumpkin is mixed with peanut butter. And coconut oil and coconut flour work here to bind the ingredients together. (As is an egg, which could technically be swapped for more pumpkin or even a banana or applesauce in its place). So while edible to us, I’d leave it to our dogs to enjoy. Which, boy, did he! I’ve never seen him so eager to please when I offered up freshly baked dog treats. Needless to say, they were a hit. I didn’t even need to ask him for a review. :-p

Grain-Free Dog Treats snippet

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