Kiwi Christmas Tree

I mean how pretty is that?! The inspiration came from Pinterest, naturally.

This is a simple fruit salad that celebrates the delicious and bright fruit of the season in the form of a Christmas tree! It’s so fun to play with ideas for different fruits to use.

The kiwi is a great base but after that, the options for ornaments, a star, and a tree trunk are completely up to you.

The image really doesn’t need much explaining when creating your own but some ideas to get you started:

  • The ornaments: I used pomegranate seeds but raspberries or blueberries are great alternatives. Even diced strawberries.
  • The Star: I used a pineapple guava but how cool would a strawberry leaf, starfruit, or the inside of an apple–you know where the seeds kind of branch out into a star shape? OR oh my gosh, my mind is blown, a star anise!!! Darn, I wish that thought had come to me sooner. 😉
  • The tree trunk: I used leftover vanilla bean stalks but anything textured and dark can work. If nothing comes to mind, save a few peels of the kiwi skin and use that as the trunk (fuzzy side up).

I can’t think of a better healthy alternative this season. And it doesn’t just have to be served as a dessert; think breakfast, fruit salad or side dish too.

Kiwi Christmas Tree snippet


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