Baked Apple Custard

I absolutely love this custard. It comes awfully close to an Apple Clafoutis but is slightly richer, with the addition of creme fraiche. It is also a larger custard to fruit ratio, whereas the clafoutis is a larger fruit to custard ratio. And while very similar in flavor with the eggs, vanilla, milk and brandy, they do differ a bit when you get down to it. The clafoutis is warmer, with the cinnamon, whereas this custard has a little tang with the lemon zest. Whichever you choose to bake, you’ll be happy you did.

It’s ridiculously easy to prepare. You sauté the apples and pour the custard batter over them and bake. Then from the oven you pull out a beautifully thick custard that can be cut into, and eaten with a fork, rather than a more liquid based custard, like creme brulee, that must be eaten with a spoon. It tastes of vanilla and sweet cream. And you’ll be scratching your head, thinking, what’s that other flavor? It’s likely the hint of lemon or the kick from the brandy. It’s just so good. And it wouldn’t be complete without the apples. They provide both texture and flavor. The original recipe included black figs as well, so feel free to play around with the fruit.

Baked Apple Custard snippet


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