Baked Pear Custard


Whenever I have excess apples or pears in my kitchen, I’m inspired to make something new. However, most of the time, I wave that idea off and make a baked custard instead. It’s just So. Damn. Delicious.

It comes awfully close to an Apple Clafoutis but is slightly richer, with the addition of creme fraiche or yogurt. It is also a larger custard to fruit ratio, whereas the clafoutis is a larger fruit to custard ratio. And while very similar in flavor with the eggs, vanilla, milk and brandy, they do differ a bit when you get down to it. The clafoutis is warmer, with the cinnamon, whereas this custard has a little tang with the lemon zest. Whichever you choose to bake, you’ll be happy you did, as I always am.

You can make it using apples, Baked Apple Custard, or pear, or a combination of both. When baking for myself, I choose apples and when baking for Fabien, I choose pears so use what you like best. I haven’t tried it with summer stone fruit yet but I’ll do experimenting this summer to see if it works as well.

Final words: it’s a thicker custard because it bakes to a point where it can be sliced and doesn’t run when a knife or spoon strikes it. It holds its form. It can be enjoyed warm, room temperature, or cold and it’s delicious in all ways of serving. I eat warm (but not hot) from the oven, as is. You can add whipped cream, powdered sugar, or creme anglais if you must, but I swear it doesn’t need it!

Seriously, trust me on this one and just try it. It’s soooooooo good!

Baked Pear Custard snippet


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