Skinny Spinach Quiche


I love quiche. In fact, I’ve really never met a quiche I didn’t like. They’re just too forgiving to ever mess up, so this is a great dish for the less confident cook.

This particular quiche is skinny, not because of the ingredients, but because of the baking method. It’s a shallow quiche, cooked in a sheet-pan, feeding from 12-16 people if desired. Or feeding my hungry husband for a few days. It bakes pretty quickly because it’s short in height and it’s easy to throw together, especially if using store bought pie crust.

If you’re reading this simply because the “skinny” caught your eye, well you can certainly make it healthier by ditching the crust together and baking just the filling in a well-greased pan.

You’re also free to experiment with your favorite cheeses. Maybe swapping the gruyere for cheddar or the cream cheese for goat cheese.

It’ll be perfect to bring for a potluck, as it makes a ton, and it’s delicious to serve both warm and cold. Pair with a salad for lunch or dinner, or cut into smaller squares and serve as a side to a main dish.


Skinny Spinach Quiche snippet

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