Apple Sour Cream Muffins


I have a thing for muffins. Who wouldn’t love what is essentially a cupcake for breakfast? And while there are many recipes for apple muffins circulating on the web, (and I’ve even featured a few, Carrot Apple Muffins and Pumpkin Apple Muffins ), the reason I’m sharing another is because these are the most tender muffins I’ve ever made, let alone eaten.

The crumb is so delicate and soft. This is due to two reasons:

  1. The recipe calls for cake flour. It’s finer than all-purpose flour and creates a lighter texture.
  2. The addition of sour cream in the batter. Acidity and fat from a liquid create a lighter and more moist crumb.

So put those two together, fold in some fresh apple, and sprinkle streusel both on top and inside the muffin, and you have yourself an incredible breakfast. Or dessert? 😉

Technically this recipe can make 14-16 regular sized muffins, however, I didn’t want to go through the trouble of putting just a few more muffins in to bake, so I created 12 enormous, muffin-top-heavy, muffins. They billow over their muffin molds, so place the muffin molds on a rimmed baking sheet just in case there is any spillage. Also, if you’re baking for, say, a baby shower, or any large crowd, simply double the recipe (but use 3 eggs,  not 4) to make 24 regular muffins.

Apple Sour Cream Muffins snippet

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