Old Fashioned Raspberry Cobbler


One of the best aspects of having a blog and an Instagram account dedicated to it’s content, is the people you get to share it with. Desserts, and food in general, truly bring people together. Old friendships have resurfaced and new friendships have blossomed since creating A Bee Bakes.

@dedric12 is a new, albeit virtual, friend that I’ve met along the way. He’s based out of Houston and has a passion for baking too. He began following @abeebakes early on, when I was still testing the blogging waters. He’s super supportive and encouraging, and best of all, he’s made multiple recipes from http://www.abeebakes.com and they all look (and he says taste) amazing. Talk about validation! 🙂

Last week, he posted a recipe for a raspberry cobbler that he made for his Mom for her birthday. She’s known for her peach cobbler and is expected to provide it at any and all functions. He decided it was time that he make her a cobbler, this time with a twist: raspberries.

When I saw his picture of the result, I knew the raspberries in my freezer had a sweet destiny. He guided me to the recipe, which I used as a base for this cobbler. I reduced the sugar substantially (an entire cup!), reduced the baking powder, and have used frozen raspberries. You can use either fresh or frozen, and can change up the berries also. A week later, Dedric remade it for his boyfriend, this time using a mix of blueberries and raspberries.

I’ve always been hesitant about cobblers, imaging them to just be warm fruit with tasteless biscuit blobs on top. This is NOT that. The raspberries are packed with sweet and tart berry flavor and the batter is nothing like biscuits. It’s so soft and spongey, it’s like the ultimate cake: moist, soft, and cloud-y in texture. Nothing like a dry biscuit.

Oddly, a step in the preparation requires that you pour boiling hot water over the entire cake. Weird, I know. But essential to the syrup-y effect it leaves, making your cobbler somewhat of a magical pudding cake instead. Similar to my favorite pumpkin dessert, which is coincidentally vegan, Pumpkin Pudding Cake (Vegan).

Thanks Dedric for inspiring! Enjoy.

Old Fashioned Raspberry Cobbler snippet



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