Cookies & Cream Cookies

These cookies and cream cookies have been a long time in the making. For those of you who may be unfamiliar with the term “cookies and cream” it refers to crushing an Oreo cookie into whatever you’re making, whether it be a cake, ice cream, or in today’s case, another cookie.

I’ve essentially created a chocolate chip cookie, replacing the chocolate chips with crushed Oreos instead. (Well, in my case, crushed Trader Joe’s “Joe-Joe’s” because I, like every Californian, am a loyal Trader Joe’s customer).

They are so good.

And not as easy as you would think to come up with the perfect recipe. I made so many batches, trying to get it just right, that I kept having to stock up on boxes of cookies to them!

One batch, like many recipes out there for cookies and cream, required the use of cream cheese. While I love cream cheese and always think it’s a good idea, for once, I didn’t think it fit with these. It added a tang that overpowered the cookie and required the use of a ton of salt to reintroduce flavor.

A few other batches required only using white sugar, and while good, (I mean honestly they were all good,) most of those batches lacked moisture and created more of a crispness instead of a softness. And while many people, enjoy a crispier cookie, I am forever going to be a soft cookie lover. I like the appearance of the all white sugar batches the most because the chunks of Oreo really stood out against the lighter cookie. However, it still wasn’t perfect. If you like crispy cookies, use all white sugar.

Brown sugar is the reason these cookies are so good. The addition of brown sugar to cookies ensure complete moisture. Soft, bend-y instead of break-y, and with a deep, rich flavor that white sugar cannot supply on it’s own.

So with many batches to get here, it was worth the effort. They’re so good. Aside from the sugars, and baking time, another important thing to keep in mind when making them is to not over-crush the Oreos. The flavor will be the same, but you’ll miss the satisfying chunks of Oreo and it will make for a a more grey cookie.

Cookies & Cream Cookies snippet

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