Portuguese Orange Cake

When added to desserts, orange offers such a nice balance between tang and sweet. It’s also less tart than lemon, and isn’t bitter like lime or grapefruit. And it’s bright color is so cheery. If you agree, take a look at my other favorite orange bakes: Orange Brioche and Glazed Citrus Cream Cheese Cookies.

This simple Portuguese cake embodies all of the best qualities of the orange, wrapped up in an incredibly moist sponge. It’s fluffy texture has an extra spring thanks to the whipped egg whites that are folded in at the end. Portuguese desserts are known for being egg-rich. This is one of them. The egg yolks work their magic, mimicking cream to offer moisture and richness that even the strongest among us, turn weak when accepting a second slice. The egg whites are added separately, offering the opposite: lightness and height.

To be honest, prior to tasting, I wondered if the understated dusting of powdered sugar would be enough. My mind of course always wonders to a glaze, cream cheese frosting, or some sort of syrup to drizzle over at the end. I could not have been more wrong! The cake is so good in itself, it doesn’t need anything extra.

The smell that wafts from the oven demands your attention…see for yourself! 😉

Portuguese Orange Cake snippet


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