Peach Cake with Vanilla Glaze

After using 4 pounds of the fresh peaches that my friend Rosa recently brought over for the delicious Peach & Bourbon Pecan Crumble, I had 4 final peaches left. And so, in true Abby fashion, I looked at my baking options, instead of eating them fresh. And this cake was the answer.

The softest crumb, as moist as can be without being dense, and bold with peach flavor. This cake is a winner. Eating this is eating the ultimate comfort food. It’s like being hugged from the inside.

The cake is comprised of three main components:

1) The glaze on top, while not essential and completely optional here, takes it from being an almost coffee cake to a real cake. I’m team glaze, of course.

2) The peach filling that is both sweet and fruity, while not being overly so. They balance perfectly with the warm spices they’re tossed with and they’re really the star of this cake.

3) The actual cake that showcases the glaze and peach filling has a moist crumb that is achieved by adding yogurt or sour cream to the batter. It’s so delicious in fact that one could use it as a plain vanilla cake for the future.

So whether over a cup of tea, or for a final sweet dessert at the end of a nice meal, enjoy this delicious peach cake before the summer and peach season is over.

Peach Cake with Vanilla Glaze snippet 1Peach Cake with Vanilla Glaze snippet 2

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