Peach Cake

Peach Cake

As a blogger, I of course enjoy following other bloggers and trying their recipes. One of my favorites to follow is “Inside Our Kitchen“, a mother-daughter duo with Italian roots. They make everything from scratch in their home and video tape the process for Instagram. They’re most well-known for cooking and baking with their giant outdoor pizza oven.

When I saw that they’d recreated Amanda Frederickson‘s plum and apricot cake using fresh peaches, I knew it had to be good since I love following Amanda too. She has a background in professional cooking and now manages her blog. She’s most well known for her “fridge foraging,” where once a week she takes her Instagram followers on a tour of her refrigerator, pulling out all the leftovers and giving us the choice of what we’d like to make for dinner. She then films the process using the ingredients that gain the most votes.

Back to the cake. Any stone fruit can be used, which is great because the options are endless this time of year. As soon as I saw the peach cake that the mother-daughter duo created, I knew I wanted that burst of yellow in my cake too! This is a really simple, rustic, end-of-summer cake. It has a touch of clove (optional), a hint of almond and vanilla extract, and a nice buttery crumb. My favorite part though was the turbinado sugar (raw coarse sugar) that creates a sweet crunchy lid on the cake.

And for my favorite peach cake of all time, check out: Peach Cake with Vanilla Glaze. 

Peach Cake snippet



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