Coconut Oil Brown Sugar Cookies


These super soft cookies are entirely free of butter and white sugar. And you don’t even know they’re missing, let alone miss them. Despite having neither of these, they’re packed with flavor and absolutely delicious. Their richness comes from the combination of brown sugar and molasses, which also works with the coconut oil to create a cookie that bends with softness rather than breaks. Coconut oil pairs surprisingly well with cookies, working in the way that peanut butter might to create a sticky soft dough, yet they’re not heavy like a peanut butter cookie is. The addition of corn starch, or tapioca flour if you prefer (just double it), also helps to soften the dough.

I’m the queen of soft cookies, much to the despair of my Mom, who’s team crispy, and rarely sees those coming out of the oven. These are for the soft cookie lovers. And lovers or warm spices, butterscotch, caramel, or other rich deep flavors like Chai Snickerdoodle Cookies or Pumpkin Snickerdoodles.

If you’ve never baked with coconut oil before, I highly recommend starting here. You want to use softened coconut oil, the same consistency of softened butter. Neither rock hard nor liquid state will work. Also, the feathered look of this cookie comes from the cookie/ice cream scoop I used to drop them onto the cookie sheet.

Coconut Oil Brown Sugar Cookies snippet


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