Blueberry Buckle

A blueberry buckle, is a type of coffee cake. The cake part is rich, soft and delicious, and made with fresh fruit, most commonly blueberries like the one here, and then topped with streusel. The word “buckle,” while a bit of a stretch perhaps, refers to the process during baking in which the fruit sinks into the cake and the streusel buckles on top. The result is a distinct crinkly topping. Ahem, distinctly delicious, buttery crinkly topping.

It is so good. It’s one of those desserts that barely reaches room temperature before being devoured by those around. I walked by a dozen times, slicing off the smallest sliver I could without it crumbling, and was I incapable of stopping until it was entirely gone.

I’m sure it will have the same effect on you. If you love coffee cake too, try my Blueberry Coffee Cake also. Nothing like getting to eat cake for breakfast. 🙂

Blueberry Buckle snippet



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