Purple Plum Torte

The easiest explanation of a torte is that it’s a general term for a cake coming from Europe, most often Germany. There has been hot debate over other details in terms of flour quantity used, whether or not there are visible layers throughout, and if they are jam-y and/or nutty.

The main point I’ve come away with is that a torte is a European cake that’s slightly richer in texture and crumb than an American cake. And that they’re good.

This particular purple plum torte is adapted from Smitten Kitchen’s version, which she adapted from Elegant and Easy. It’s somewhat famous in nature and was published every single year for over a decade in the New York Times. All in all, it’s a winner. It’s simple to make, rustic yet elegant to serve, and makes fantastic use of the delicious, juicy, purple plums that are everywhere right now.

Purple Plum Torte snippet


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