Apricot Pistachio Bars

Has rustic ever looked so beautiful? Apricots are abundant this time of year, at least in California, and my dear friend Shireen, brought me some from her yard the last time we got together. The minute I saw them, I knew they were destined for these pistachio bars that I’ve been dying to make since my “Smitten Kitchen Every Day” cookbook arrived last October.

The pistachio filling is so good, I want to make jars of it to spread on everything. It’s sweet and has savory undertones. It’s delicious.

I cut down the crust, always enjoying a higher ratio of filling to crust. It was the perfect choice here. I also reduced the butter and sugar a bit in the filling and it was excellent. Just follow the recipe below to get exactly what you see the in pictures here.

Apricot Pistachio Bars snippet



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