Blueberry & Lemon Mascarpone Tart

This tart is a thing of beauty. You need only bake the pastry shell as your baking component. The filling requires a quick stir, an even spread over your crust, and poof, you’re done.

The recipe can be adapted for the seasons. The blueberries can be traded for a variety of summer berries, figs, or poached pears. The lemon can be swapped for orange. Whatever your preference.

You also don’t need to go buy a rectangular tart pan, as pictured. Any round tart pan will be just as elegant. I personally would have added an extra cup of blueberries on top but I was working with fresh blueberries from my garden and what you see in the picture, was all that could be salvaged after the blue jays.

Lastly, this tart is delicious. It’s surprisingly light because it’s half yogurt. So practically healthy 😉 It’s neither a Strawberry Tart nor a Mango Tart with Vanilla Bean Pastry Cream because the filling is egg free, low in sugar, and does not resemble crème patisseriere (traditional pastry cream). Instead, it’s somewhat tart, somewhat sweet, and insanely good; making it a lighter and refreshing summer dessert option that is just as good, if not better.

Blueberry & Lemon Mascarpone Tart snippet



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