Mushroom Cream Tart


I spent nearly a quarter century of my life rejecting mushrooms. Since age 22, the year my palate finally accepted normal people food, I’ve been making up for lost time. And this tart was inevitable.

This tart is best served as an appetizer, sliced into 12-16 little wedges. I served this for dinner, rather than as an appetizer, and Fabien was unexpectedly delighted by the meal it provided. While it may look dainty and light, it’s not. It’s rich and creamy. And pairs perfectly with a green salad and wine.

You can make it vegetarian, by omitting the pancetta. You can use cream cheese, as I did or lighten it up a bit by using goat cheese. If only I’d had this tart as a teenager, I may have learned to love mushrooms sooner.

Mushroom Cream Tart snippet


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