Blueberry Scones


In honor of the recent Royal Wedding between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, I made these blueberry scones. You can’t watch a royal wedding without scones! And this is my trusty and delicious go-to scone recipe.

Long ago, I baked these for the first time and while the two people I served these scones to were my parents, they are very honest people, and they each said the same thing when tasting them: “This is the best scone I’ve ever had.”

And I agree. These are the best scones ever.

The first time I made them was somewhat haphazardly. I had neither a great affection for scones nor blueberries. But one summer afternoon a few years ago, our counter tops were brimming with bowls of blueberries, and I was growing weary of muffins.

While not amazing to look at…a beige undertone due to the whole wheat and plenty of bluish/grey dye from the leaking juicy blueberries, they make up for in taste. They’re everything a perfect scone should be. Not too rich, not too crumbly, not too sweet, not too cake-y, and not too soft.

I’ve made them a dozen times now and each time is slightly different. Sometimes I use only all purpose flour, which pleases Fabien. Sometimes I use frozen berries, which leak a little more of their juices while cooking, but taste just as good. In the photograph here, they are used with frozen blueberries. Sometimes I add the egg and sugar coating (again like in the picture), sometimes I don’t.

The best way to eat these, are straight from the oven with some butter or clotted cream. There’s just nothing better. Oh, yes there is. If you have a royal wedding to watch while eating them.

Blueberry Scones snippet


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