Oat Flour Chocolate Chip Cookies (GF)


The best and worst part about being “the baker” in your crowd of family and friends is when people ask for recipes for “the best” of something. This is no-doubt the most thrilling question to get. It affirms everything I’m doing, and also makes me love the asker’s for asking me.

At the same time though, I take the question so seriously, that I have to make sure I know everything about them. What kind of recipe are they envisioning? For example, do they like nuts in things or not? Do they like things sweet or not so much? Are they into super browned bakes or bakes that are borderline under-baked? Crunchy or soft? The list goes on.

And so this question comes with pressure to deliver something they’ll love. And one of the main questions, aside from cake, that I get is: cookies. When anyone asks me for the best chocolate chip cookie recipe, I give them this one. The fact that these chocolate chips cookies are gluten free is just an extra perk.

The oat flour adds a nice complexity of flavor, almost nutty, rivaling any bakery bought cookie. I believe the secret to the famous Mrs. Fields chocolate chip cookies is its addition of oat flour. It’s a specific flavor that really is the epitome of the famous American chocolate chip cookie. The combination of white and brown sugar also helps with the flavor and texture, and the generous amount of chocolate chips make my family very happy.

Try this recipe, and enjoy the fact that they are gluten free. It may become your staple.

Oat Flour Chocolate Chip Cookies (GF) snippet

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