Strawberry Tart

I’ll take anything with pastry cream. If it were up to me, every dessert would incorporate it. Pastry cream/crème patissiere is basically just a thick dessert custard. Most often lining fruit tarts, or found inside pastries like éclairs.

This one is particularly good. The acidity from the fresh strawberries is a match made in dessert heaven when paired with the rich crème patissiere. You can slice the strawberries and decorate the tart in with a pretty design, or for a more rustic look, leave the strawberries whole. Perhaps a little brushing of fruit jam for a nice glossy finish or a sprinkling of powered sugar. You can also top with any other fruit under the sun. Or just leave it plain and enjoy a simple custard tart. The options are endless. The tart is not——it will go quickly. 😉

Strawberry Tart snippet 1Strawberry Tart snippet 2

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