Brie en Croûte

The next time you want to impress, as a host or guest, try this. Brie en croûte is easy, impressive, and most importantly, delicious. Not to mention it sounds super fancy. “En croûte” in French means “with crust.” And who doesn’t like a golden puff pastry crust with just about anything?brie en croute pic

While French in nature, this particular recipe is adapted from Martha Stewart’s baked brie. I topped the wheel of brie with about two tablespoons of honey and synched the sides of the puff pastry in toward the center, then tied the ends together with a string. I baked at 350 until it was golden brown and voila: an amazing appetizer that tastes as heavenly as it looks. To modify this recipe, you can top with caramelized onions, pesto, chopped nuts with brown sugar, fresh herbs, tapenade, fig jam, etc. I even just tried a baked chevre-brie wheel that was exceptional. Your options are endless and you’re sure to come home with a clean plate and requests for more.

It’s delicious alone but a side of crackers or sliced baguette is a nice final touch…and will suffice when the brie en croûte vanishes before your eyes.

Brie en Croute snippet


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