Pear Financier Tart (Gluten Free)


Un financier is a small rectangular French butter cake. Believe it or not, the particular shape is actually the reason that kept me from making them, until now. I’m so ashamed. My, albeit ridiculous thinking, was that if one didn’t have the little rectangular molds that form their recognizable shape, then one could not make a financier.

Mais, non! 

Upon further research, financiers come in many flavors and shapes. They are most recognizable as small rectangles, getting their name from resembling little bricks of gold, but can be in the shape of muffins, madeleines, tarts, or even cut into bars. And so, I stepped out of the box, or rectangle in this case, and attempted my first French financier in the form of a tart. Oh, and without butter…I hope the French don’t kill me!

I cannot believe I waited this long.

They are incredibly easy to make. Basic in ingredients. Perfect for snacking. Easily adaptable. Gluten free. And so damn good.

The most popular way to make them is using almond flour, which I have used here and butter. Typically they are presented as simple moist butter cakes, stacked in little rows, calling out to you from behind the glass case in French bakeries. Occasionally they are sprinkled with a few sliced almonds.

While perfect as they are, I wanted to change tradition a bit. I omitted the butter for a lighter cake and I added fresh pear to make up for it. I cannot get over how good this is. You don’t miss the butter, I swear.

Pear Financier Tart snippet






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