S’mores Cookie Bars

Put the word “s’mores” in any dessert and I will try it. The combination of graham cracker, marshmallow, and chocolate is an American classic.

Typically I don’t bake a lot of s’mores desserts because I have a thing about wanting to do everything myself. Baking something homemade is only kind of homemade if you’re using boxed graham crackers and jarred marshmallow fluff. I’m neither advanced enough, nor patient enough, to make my own marshmallows. And while baking my own graham crackers is very possible, it doesn’t seem thrilling. But I guess I don’t know if I haven’t tried. I’ll keep you posted on that. 😉

I put my DIY needs aside when I stumbled on Annie’s organic graham crackers. Fine, if they’re organic, that’s practically homemade, right? The generous ratio of marshmallow peaking through these s’mores bars is exactly why I tried this recipe. They taste just like a chocolate chip cookie–but brought to another level with ribbons of gooey marshmallow and slightly crunchy graham cracker. While tempting to eat straight from the oven, I found them much more spectacular the next day(s), if you can manage to keep them around that long. Chewier? Better balance in flavors? These would be great to make to bring to a summer BBQ and you can make them a day in advance!

S'mores Cookie Bars snippet


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