Cherry Tomato Skillet Pizza

Cherry Tomato Skillet Pizza

Hellllllllllllllo, summer. Tomatoes and watermelon are the two foods that truly represent summer for me. Corn on the cob, fresh berries, and BBQ are close seconds. I love seeing plants ornamented with colorful cherry tomatoes this time of year. It’s so tempting to walk by and pop a fresh little cherry tomato into your mouth. I know people take great pleasure in eating them fresh from their vine, still warm from the sun. I however, prefer my tomatoes warm from the oven and a little wrinkly. Better yet, cooked on top of a pillowy cheesy skillet pizza.

This is a fun pizza to make. Albeit, the dough is time consuming. It’s an overnight dough, so you’ll need to prepare it a day in advance of serving it. That being said, it’s so delicious. It’s full of flavor and has a soft Chicago pizza style texture. Crisp along the edges and pillowy inside. It’s super cheesy and the cherry tomatoes add a fresh burst of flavor in each bite. The technique of building the pizza is interesting too. You place the dough in the skillet and then top with a thick layer of cheese before you top the cheese with tomato sauce. This change in order protects the crust from getting soggy from the sauce. A little more cheese, then topped with cherry tomatoes. It’s as delicious as it is beautiful. Serve with a fresh summer salad and enjoy!

For more pizzas check out the Pies & Tarts tab and for another one of my favorite tomato recipes, take a look: Tomato Mozzarella Tart.

Cherry Tomato Skillet Pizza snippet 1Cherry Tomato Skillet Pizza snippet 2

Cherry Tomato Skillet Pizza

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