Kale Pesto Pizza


This month, we’re shopping less frequently but when we do brave the grocery stores, we’re filling our baskets more than usual, choosing things to last about two weeks. Typically my favorite greens are delicate. I love baby arugula, tender mixed greens, butter lettuce, etc. When preparing to face the pandemic, I went for hearty greens. And what better choice than kale? Curly, thick, and less prone to developing that gross slime that often creeps over our precious greens.

What I didn’t anticipate? How sick I’d get of kale. I miss my peppery arugula and sweet spring greens. I’m also getting tired of massaging my greens just for a salad. And so I decided to repurpose some of my kale (4 entire packed cups) into this pizza. Most of the kale gets pulsed into pesto and then a handful of fresh kale is tossed with some olive oil to make a nice roasted topping to the pizza. It’s delicious, easy, and pretty guilt-free as far as pizza comes.

Screen Shot 2020-03-26 at 19.24.00

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