Pretzel Witch Fingers for Halloween


‘Tis the season.

I was so excited to see more visits to this recipe as Halloween approaches so I’m reposting it here as a reminder of its existence. And to let you know that aside from their deceiving looks, they’re really good!! Take a look at the other pictures from my original post last year (my husband insisted on creating his own touch — complete with ketchup).

They’re just like your ball-game pretzels — soft, perfectly salted, and just the right chewy/bread-y texture. So whether you’re throwing a Halloween party, love themes and Holidays, or just really like pretzels, this is a great option to spice up the typical gummy warms in chocolate pudding go-to.

It’s also fun to make your own. You can shape the fingers in any way you want and maybe you’d like to do a black nail for example. Totally up to you! My personal favorites were the skinny fingers with an extra knuckle or two compared to the puffy fingers.

Go wild! Happy Halloween!

Halloween Witch Finger Pretzels snippet 1Halloween Witch Finger Pretzels snippet 2


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