Pumpkin Coffee Cake Muffins


It’s October so naturally, pumpkin takes over. Come December, it’ll be gingerbread’s turn. But until then, let’s enjoy this cozy pumpkin coffee cake muffin. It’s perfect for using up half a can of pumpkin puree that you may have used for Pumpkin Spice Coffee Cake or Pumpkin Assorted Chocolate Chip Cookies.

These muffins fill you with thoughts of Fall, even if it’s not crisp and cool in the climate you live in yet. When I took these photos under the harsh mid-day Texas sun, I wondered if they were continuing to bake. They’re soft, topped with a buttery streusel, and filled with cream cheese. You have the option of smearing homemade cinnamon honey butter on them too (it’s literally just mixing those ingredients and bam, you have your homemade fancy butter).

Whether Fall is upon you or you’re wishing it were, these little muffins will get you there. And if you need more convincing, just a wooden spoon is needed — no fancy mixers. If you’ve come here out of pumpkin season, try these Cream Cheese Banana Muffins.


Pumpkin Coffee Cake Muffins snippet 1Pumpkin Coffee Cake Muffins snippet 2



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