Carrot & Herb Cheese Tartlets

Carrot & Herb Cheese Tartlets

Have you had Boursin cheese? I discovered it when I was living in France and my now-husband, who is French, would add it to his grocery cart each week. He’d get home and spread it on his croissants, baguettes, and “pain au lait“, which is the equivalent to a soft white brioche style bread. I quickly got on board with this cheese. It’s a spreadable cheese, like whipped cream cheese, but it’s packed with fresh herbs and garlic. They have many varieties, all honoring the smooth spreadability of it. I personally love it best on a sandwich. I use it in place of other sauces and cheeses.

Now that we’re living in America, I add it to our grocery cart every week as well. Trader Joes and most grocery stores carry it — Costco even sells it in bulk. A little piece of France accessible to all of us. And most importantly, an essential ingredient for today’s recipe.

This is an ideal appetizer or light lunch. You have buttery, flakey puff pastry that gets smeared with herby cheese (the Boursin) and then topped with coins of carrots that have been sauteed with onion and sprinkled with fresh herbs. It’s delicious. It’s easy. And it truly tastes like France.

Cut the pastry into small, bite sized squares for a great finger-food at your next gathering. I made these for my Mom who was on her way to a pool party. They’re perfectly sized and can be eaten warm (best) or room temperature (also really good). You can increase the size of the squares and accompany them with a salad (and fork and knife) for your next brunch or lunch. They taste amazing in all sizes. 🙂

Carrot & Herb Cheese Tartlets snippet


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