Triple Chip Cookie Bars

On Saturday, we went to my sister’s house and I never see family without bringing some desserts. I have a reputation in my family as the baker so I must live up to it, ya know?

I brought cherry bread pudding (coming soon) and banana cream pie (also coming soon) but realized kids are probably not interested in either of those. Especially since one of my nieces refuses fruit entirely. So I whipped up the fastest thing I could think of that would also be kid-friendly. These trip chocolate cookie bars! Similar toย Chocolate Chip Cookie Barsย and just as easy, but with a variety of chocolate chips, and a more blondie-like texture.

To all my fellow bakers out there, I’m sure you have a handful of different chocolate chip varieties with just a few chips left in each bag. This recipe is for those times. And honestly, you can just use one variety if that’s all you have. Or you can throw in nuts or dried fruit. Maybe chop up that lingering chocolate bar. Or maybe chop up any leftover toffee or candy pieces from your kid’s Halloween candy stash. Basically, you have options. Butterscotch, peanut butter chips, white, dark, semi-sweet, bitter, chocolate covered almonds, coconut bits, cocoa nibs. Seriously, anything.

And so, off we went to my sister’s, and the “adult desserts” were untouched by my nieces and nephews but the cookie bars were kid-approved. The beauty too about this recipe is that you have the chewy edges from baking them in a pan (just like a cookie!) and then you have those softer center pieces. I couldn’t decide which pieces were better. If you cut them small enough though, you eat as many as you want. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Triple Chip Cookie Bars snippet


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